Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

A frequent public speaker, Dr. Nika White has provided featured keynote addresses, panel commentary and training sessions for a variety of corporate, government, and nonprofit industry associations and educational institutions. Dr. White’s expertise positions her to cover a span of topics including diversity and inclusion, leadership, business development and more. Dr. White approaches each opportunity individually and her speaking style is governed by the significance of getting to the crux of the matter to drive change.

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• Marketing Communications, Branding, Public Relations
• Management & Organizational Leadership
• Women’s Leadership & Empowerment
• Multicultural Leadership & Empowerment
• Diversity and Inclusion Management, Consulting and Advocacy
• Strategic Diversity & Intentional Inclusion
• Business Development & Acceleration
• Intercultural Training

• Bias Awareness
• Multi-generational Workforce
• Supplier Diversity/Economic Inclusion
• Adult Learning/Corporate Training
• Leadership Training
• Strategic Planning
• Professional Facilitation
• Customized Training