The 360º Inclusion Leadership Profile©™

Nika White Consulting is proud to offer The 360º Inclusion Leadership Profile ©™ (360º ILP) to our array of resources and training. 360º ILP assesses a leader’s skills and provides action plans for leading successfully an inclusive and multicultural workforce. The 360º ILP was developed by Dr. Deborah P. Ashton, a Harvard University trained licensed psychologist, who studied with Dr. Chester ‘Chet’ Pierce, who coined the term “microaggression”.


The 360º ILP is based on research and consists of 64 items to assess the four (4) skills listed below across eight (8) demographics: gender, generational, race, religion, ability/disability, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation.


  1. Modeling–Acts as a role model by exhibiting behavior that may be seen by others as behavior to emulate, copy.
  2. Communication–The ability to share your own view and listen to the suggestions of others to seek a better solution. The interchange or sharing of ideas, beliefs, or information.
  3. Team Development –Enabling direct reports to grow and contribute to the best of their potential. The building of a team to achieve individual, team and organizational success.
  4. Customer Focused –The ability to understand current and future customer’s needs and meet and/or exceed the customer’s expectation to improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.


  • Skill set comparison and demographic feedback for leader
  • Skill set comparison and demographic feedback for leader’s manager
  • Aggregate skill set and demographic comparison for HR /organization

Provides Insights On How To:

  • Provide Alignment of Employees’ Acculturation & Authentic Self
  • Develop Talent Equitably
  • Empower Employees to Contribute to Full Potential
  • Increase Retention
  • Build Brand Equity

For more information as to how Nika White Consulting can aid in implementation of the 360º Inclusion Leadership Profile©™ for your organization, please contact us.