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Intentional Conversations Vodcast (video + podcast) hosted by the NWC Team. Every Friday from 11 am – 12 pm EST, we bring different voices from the DEI space and those tangential who are uplifting marginalized communities’ voices.



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    Upcoming Intentional Conversations


    Guest Host Tara Jaye Frank

    Friday, June 25th • 11am-12pm EST

    In this Intentional Conversation, we take about building bridges in the DEI space and fostering inclusive and equitable workplaces.


    As a sought-after equity consultant, speaker, and leadership experience designer, Tara Jaye Frank helps organizations define a vision and develop strategies to accelerate their culture and leadership goals.
    Before founding TJF Career Modeling LLC, Tara spent 21 years at Hallmark Cards, Inc., where she was the company’s first Black female vice president, and at the time of her promotion to executive management, the youngest person to rise into senior leadership in Hallmark’s history.

    Today, Tara works closely with Fortune 500 companies across consumer goods, retail, technology, finance, aerospace, defense, sports and media industries, as well as member organizations like Network of Executive Women and The Executive Leadership Council to customize talent solutions and facilitate equity-based learning experiences through conferences, intensive leadership programs, workshops, panels, and keynote addresses.

    In 2015, Tara published her first book titled Say Yes: A Woman’s Guide to Advancing Her Professional Purpose – a practical tool to help emerging leaders reach their own professional high grounds. She is also the visionary behind #MoreThan: A Movement, a non-profit founded to facilitate deeper understanding between disconnected people. Her second book, #MoreThan Equity: How Realism, Responsibility and Relationship Will Create the Workplace We Deserve, is set for publication in 2021.

    Tara lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband John, four of their six children, and their three dogs.


    Guest Host Mary-Frances Winters

    Friday, July 2nd • 11am-12pm EST

    In this Intentional Conversations VodCast, we discuss the topic of “Black Fatigue” – based on Winters’ recent book, Black Fatigue: How Racism Erodes the Mind, Body, and Spirit.


    Mary-Frances Winters is the founder and CEO of The Winters Group, Inc., a global organization development and diversity and inclusion consulting firm with over 37 years of experience. Dubbed a thought leader in the field, for the past three decades she has impacted over hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals with her thought-provoking message, and her approach to diversity and inclusion. Ms. Winters is a master strategist with experience in strategic planning, change management, diversity, organization development, training and facilitation, systems thinking and qualitative and quantitative research methods. She has served on national not-for profit, corporate and university boards, and has received many awards and honors including the ATHENA award, Diversity Pioneer (Profiles in Diversity Journal), The Winds of Change (Forum on Workplace Inclusion) and Forbes Top 10 diversity trailblazers. She is the author of six books, including the recent release of Black Fatigue: How Racism Erodes the Mind, Body, and Spirit and Inclusive Conversations: Fostering Equity Empathy and Belonging Across Differences.


    Guest Host Dr. Dara N. Byrne

    Friday, July 9th • 11am-12pm EST

    In this Intentional Conversations VodCast, we discuss higher education, student success, leadership, leading diverse teams, and equity.


    As Associate Provost and Dean, Dara Byrne is responsible for shepherding the strategic plans of much of John Jay College’s undergraduate operations. Dara oversees offices such as the Academic Advisement Center, Center for Post-graduate Opportunity, Center for Career and Professional Development, CUNY Justice Academy, John Jay College Honors Program, Macaulay Honors College at John Jay, Math Foundations and Quantitative Reasoning, Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program, John Jay ACE, Pre-Law Institute, Student Academic Success Programs, Writing Across the Curriculum, and the campus’ main tutoring centers, learning laboratories, and academic support services. In this capacity, she also works closely with faculty and academic departments to address the curricular needs of students and to assess learning. A member of the CUNY community since 2002, Dara has held several leadership positions including Founding Director of Macaulay Honors College at John Jay, Faculty Director of the John Jay College Honors Program, Founding Director of the Siegel Fellowship in Strategic and Nonprofit Communication and Interim Director of The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program. She is a professor of Rhetoric and Intercultural Communication in the Department of Communication and Theatre Arts. Her publications include contributions to volumes, such as Brown v. Board of Education: Its Impact on Public Education 1954-2004; HBCUs Models for Success: Supporting Achievement and Retention of Black Males; The Unfinished Agenda of Brown v. Board of Education; The Unfinished Agenda of the Selma-Montgomery Voting Rights March as well as Learning Race and Ethnicity: Youth and Digital Media. Dara is a proud graduate of Howard University’s PhD Program in Rhetoric and Intercultural Communication.


    Guest Host Ricardo Gonzalez

    Friday, July 16th • 11am-12pm EST

    In this Intentional Conversations VodCast, we discuss the “6 Stages of Cultural Mastery” and Cultural Transformation Processes.


    Ricardo is the founder and CEO of Bilingual America. He is an author, consultant and public speaker. His books include The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery, The 6 Stages of Cultural Sales, The Cultural Transformation Manifesto, and The 12 Hidden Truths to Learning Spanish.


    Guest Host Dr. Atira Charles

    Friday, July 30th • 11am-12pm EST

    In this Intentional Conversations VodCast, we will talk about “Authenticity in Action” – how companies can set up a climate for people to show up authentically.


    Dr. Atira Charles has been CEO of The Charles Consulting Group, a boutique consulting firm focusing on issues of diversity, inclusion, and wellness. As of November 2020, she has joined the Executive Leadership Team of Moet Hennessy as the Head of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity for North America. She is thrilled to make this shift to shape, direct, and transform the D&I strategy of this global organization, while also contributing to the goals of the parent company LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group). Dr. Charles will still engage with her global thought leadership and keynote speaking.


    Guest Host Jennifer Brown

    Friday, August 6th • 11am-12pm EST

    In this Intentional Conversation, we address the cost to organizations when employees spend energy downplaying, minimizing, or hiding aspects of their identity.


    Jennifer Brown (she/her) is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, author, and diversity and inclusion expert who is deeply passionate about building more inclusive workplaces where more of us can feel welcomed, valued, respected, and heard. As the Founder and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC), a certified woman- and LGBT-owned firm, Jennifer and her team design and execute inclusion strategies that have been implemented by some of the biggest companies and nonprofits in the world. She is also the bestselling author of two books, Inclusion: Diversity, The New Workplace and The Will to Change (2017) and How To Be An Inclusive Leader: Your Role in Creating Cultures of Belonging Where Everyone Can Thrive (2019), a shortlist winner of the O.W.L. Award, and winner of the 2019 Nautilus Book Awards’ Business & Leadership category. Her podcast, The Will to Change, is downloaded by nearly 15,000 listeners per month, and she is a sought-after keynote speaker and expert for leading research institutions and business schools. She lives in New York City with her partner of over 20 years, Michelle. You can learn more at

    Previous Intentional Conversations

    June 2021


    Friday, June 18th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Josephine Guckiean

    In this Intentional Conversation, we discuss transgender medical benefits, advocacy, and awareness.


    Friday, June 11th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Omari Aarons

    In this Intentional Conversation, we reflect on one year since George Floyd’s murder and how companies can move past statements to activate diversity, equity and inclusion in their workplaces.


    Friday, June 4th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Karen Fleshman

    In this Intentional Conversations VodCast, we discuss white women’s role in DEI, allyship, intergenerational mentoring, and how to remain hopeful and kind in a mean world.

    May 2021


    Friday, May 28th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Natalie Gillard

    In this Intentional Conversation, we discuss the history and legacy of redlining and its relationship to present day inequalities.


    Friday, May 21st • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Shanta Loecker

    In this Intentional Conversation, we cover inclusive leadership, and transracial adoptee perspectives.


    Friday, May 14th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Gamiel Yafai

    In this Intentional Conversation, we discuss cultivating cultural intelligence and the intersectionality of different cultures.


    Friday, May 7th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Starlet Farrar

    In this Intentional Conversation, Starlet Farrar will share her story of being a WOC and first generation college student while lending tips on how to begin making a difference.

    April 2021


    Friday, April 30th • 11am-12pm EST

    Special Guest Rev. Neil Thomas

    In this Intentional Conversation, we discuss diversity and inclusivity – specifically throughout the LGBTQ community.


    Friday, April 23rd • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Bernadette Smith

    In this Intentional Conversation, we talk about how unconscious bias shows up in customer service situations and why it’s important to reframe conversations around DEI in a positive, proactive way.


    Friday, April 16th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Carley Hauck

    In this Intentional Conversation, we discuss Conscious & Inclusive Leadership.


    Friday, April 9th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host David Ryan Castro-Harris

    In this Intentional Conversation, we discuss the application of Restorative Justice practices to organizational culture steeped in white supremacy.


    Friday, April 2nd • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Amy Waninger

    In this Intentional Conversation, we take a look at the importance of having a diverse and inclusive professional network.

    March 2021


    Friday, March 26th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Julie Kratz

    In this Intentional Conversation, DEI Manager Lauren Dike and speaker, trainer and author Julie Kratz discuss the importance of allyship.


    Friday, March 19th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Rhodes Perry

    In this Intentional Conversation, we discuss how to use our personal and positional power to build a great sense of belonging for those on our team least likely to feel safe in this age of uncertainty.


    Friday, March 12th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Lori Muszynski

    In this Intentional Conversation, we address how to change culture through processes.


    Friday, March 5th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Shalynne Jackson

    In this Intentional Conversation, we cover the importance of mentorship, how it’s different than sponsorship, and the necessity of authenticity in DEI.

    February 2021


    Friday, February 26th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Michael Stephens and Maylis Djikalou

    In this Intentional Conversation, Natasha, Michael and Maylis discuss unpacking identity, mental health and managing wellbeing at the intersections.


    Friday, February 19th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Sean Harvey

    In this Intentional Conversation, we discuss developing the next generation of soul-inspired bridge builders, facilitators and leaders equipped to form authentic and purpose driven communities.


    Friday, February 12th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Joe Gerstandt

    In this Intentional Conversation, we cover the topic of Inclusion – how we allow it in, how we respond to the difference we created, how we utilize it, and how or actions and reactions to it can shape our personal and professional networks.


    Friday, February 5th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Charles Weathers

    In this Intentional Conversation, we discuss how the influence and values of leadership can advance or derail DEI efforts.

    January 2021


    Friday, January 29th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Karen Hinds

    In this Intentional Conversation, Dr. White and Karen Hinds speak about how to personalize diversity, equity, and inclusion plans by using your personal power to impact change.


    Friday, January 22nd • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Brian McComak

    In this Intentional Conversation, Natasha and Brian discuss sharing our invisible diverse identities, and being inclusive of people with disabilities in both our actions and our language.


    Friday, January 15th • 11am-12pm EST

    Guest Host Ricaye Harris

    Dr. White, Anna Viola Goodman and Ricaye Harris offer insights on starting a DEI strategy and “Practitioning while Black” in the midst of social unrest and a politically-charged climate.


    Friday, January 8th • 11am-12pm

    Hosted by the NWC Leadership Team

    In this Intentional Conversation VodCast, the NWC leadership team (Dr. White, Anna Viola-Goodman and Natasha Porizkova) reflect on all things 2020 and dives into what’s to come in the new year.

    December 2020


    Friday, December 18th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Karen Catlin

    Join the conversation as Dr. White and coach, advocate and author Karen Catlin talk about her book, “Better Allies: Everyday Actions to Create Inclusive, Engaging Workplaces”.


    Friday, December 4th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Traci Newkirk

    In this Intentional Conversation Dr. White and Traci Newkirk take a closer look at the role emotions and communication styles play in living a life with intention and the internal story we tell ourselves.

    November 2020


    Friday, November 20th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Latesha Byrd

    Dr. White and Latesha Byrd discuss helping women and people of color transform their dreams into careers while making their workplaces equitable and safe spaces for all.


    Friday, November 13th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Dr. Tracey Benson

    In this episode, Dr. White and Tracey Benson discuss Racism, Anti-Racism, and Racial Bias in Schools.


    Friday, November 6th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Kayla Lee

    In this Intentional Conversation, Dr. White and Kayla Lee discuss how, as DEIB advocates, we should show up for ourselves like we show up for others, as well as how we can increase our personal resilience and ability to thrive while improving outcomes for others.

    October 2020

    Friday, October 30th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Raven Solomon

    In this Intentional Conversation, Dr. White and Raven Solomon talk about the corporate citizen’s responsibility in solving social injustice and creating equity – all within the context of generational differences.

    Friday, October 23rd • 11am-12pm

    Guest Hosts Victoria Chance and Mary Anne Inglis

    In this virtual community chat, Dr. White, Victoria Chance and Mary Anne Inglis discuss the work at nonprofit My Neighbor’s Voice and how it supports DEI.

    Friday, October 16th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Jessica Sharp

    In this virtual community chat, Dr. White and Jessica Sharp discuss the topics of empathy, belonging, emotional intelligence, equity and unconscious bias.

    Friday, October 9th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Shaun Wanzo

    In this virtual community chat, Dr. White and Shaun Wanzo discuss how to balance social justice with the business side of DEI.

    Friday, October 2nd • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Katie Martell

    In this virtual community chat, Dr. White and Katie Martell discuss how some brands tend to pander to social movements.

    September 2020

    Friday, September 25th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Lindsey Pollak

    For the first time in history, five generations now share the workplace, and leaders must balance a generation gap of multiple decades between the oldest and youngest employees. Join us for this virtual chat in which Dr. White will be speaking with multigenerational workplace expert Lindsey Pollak about leading your business through unprecedented times.

    Friday, September 18th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Bola Audena

    In this Virtual Chat, Dr. White and Bola Audena have a discussion about living your best life by following your dreams, Business Operations Efficiencies, Self-Development opportunities as well as what it’s like to be a WOC in the corporate world.

    Friday, September 11th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Tim Pecoraro

    Join us for this Intentional Conversation as Dr. White and Tim Pecoraro have a discussion about “Owning Oneself: My Thoughts + My Feelings + My Decisions + My Actions = My Outcomes.”

    August 2020

    Friday, August 28th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Lily Zheng

    Join this Intentional Conversation as Lily Zheng and Dr. Nika White discuss Organizational Culture, Organizational Change, Organizational Design, DE&I Work, Effective Allyship, Queer & Trans Issues, Asian-American Issues and Interracial Solidarity.

    Friday, August 21st • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Wade Hinton

    In this Intentional Conversation, Wade Hinton and Dr. Nika White will discuss the importance of inclusion, especially during these times. Wade Hinton, CDO of UNUM will also talk about how his company is navigating the current pandemic and the racial crisis.

    Friday, August 14th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Dr. Janice Gassam Asare

    In this Intentional Conversation, Dr. White speaks with Dr. Janice Gassam Asare about how to foster inclusive workplaces and the importance of belonging.

    Friday, August 7th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Victoria Russell

    Join Nika and Victoria as they discuss the importance of DE&I, what it means to be a corporate activist, what it’s like to be a Woman of Color in corporate America and how Papa John’s is navigating the global pandemic and racial crisis.

    July 2020

    Friday, July 31st • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Jeremiah Dew

    In this Intentional Conversation with Jeremiah Dew as he and Dr. White discuss influential African Americans throughout history and how they impacted not only their generation, but the ones that have followed.

    Friday, July 24th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Mike Williams

    In this Intentional Conversation, Dr. White speaks with Mike Williams, Director of Recruiting and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Michelin North America on how Michelin has navigated the pandemic and the racial crisis.

    Friday, July 17th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Charnise Mangle, Literacy, M.A.Ed

    In this Intentional Conversation, Dr. White will be speaks with author and historian Charnise Mangle about what inspired her book “Understanding Race and Racism in America”, how to get African-American history into the history books, as well as how parents can navigate the discussion of systematic racism with their children.

    Friday, July 10th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Hosts Carlo + Hannah White

    Carlo and Hannah talk about how each of them have been called to action during this time in the business and educational areas they influence, and what they are actively doing about it.

    June 2020

    Friday, June 26th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Jared Karol

    In this Intentional Conversation, we talk about how leaders and influencers can model public vulnerability, elevate their personal awareness and cultural competence, and stay present in difficult conversations in effort to build inclusive workplace cultures.

    Friday, June 19th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Kanika Tolver

    Join Dr. Nika White and guest co-host Kanika Tolver as they go over methods on how you can re-think the way you work. Learn ways to harness the power of digital tools to rehab your career and transform your work.

    Friday, June 12th • 11am-12pm

    Hosted by Dr. Nika White

    Join us for this special Open Forum with Dr. Nika White where she will be taking YOUR questions about all things diversity, equity, inclusion and leadership!

    Friday, June 5th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Kay Fabella

    Join us as we talk about how underrepresented leaders can go from invisible to influencer, the significance of storytelling to shape identities and foster connections, and organizational change management strategies.

    May 2020

    Friday, May 29th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Liesel Mertes

    Join us as we talk about the things that truly matter nowadays: empathy and care in the workplace and our emotional needs during this very trying time. We will also discuss compassion fatigue–what that is and what it means for us.

    Friday, May 22nd • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Natalie Cofield

    Guest co-host Natalie Cofield will talk about minority business growth strategies, especially during this unprecedented time. She and NIka White will also talk about Walker’s Legacy and the importance of community among women of color.

    Friday, May 15th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Keisha Rivers

    Equipped for Change: Creating Our New Normal. What happens AFTER we’ve changed from an event ? The truth is that no matter how much we want to, we’ll never be able to go “back” to normal.  Instead, we have to focus on how to create our “new” normal.

    Friday, May 8th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Minda Harts

    Join us for this conversation as we initiate a discussion around “The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat.”

    Friday, May 1st • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Jennifer Tardy

    Join us for this conversation in which we navigate bias within the hiring process and diversity recruiting programs.

    April 2020

    Friday, April 24th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Nicole Andrews

    In this week’s chat, we view career disruption strategies that deliver results for ambitious women in the workplace who have big dreams yet feel undervalued and overlooked.

    Friday, April 3rd • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Nita Scruggs

    Join us this week as we look at ways small businesses can become innovative in their approach to branding and marketing as they pivot to align with the current climate as a result of coronavirus.

    Friday, April 10th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Beth Ruffin

    Join us this week as we discuss Allyship for Women of Color; Self-Inclusion and how to continue leading inclusively through this unprecedented time.

    Friday, April 17th • 11am-12pm

    Guest Host Monica McCoy

    Join us this week as we explore innovative business strategies, reinventing our business and personal brands, how to pitch and position ourselves, and products and services for success.