Interactive Virtual Diversity and Inclusion Training

At Nika White Consulting we understand the desire to provide rich training content to individuals for reasons of compliance or leadership development. However, bringing in an outsider to facilitate live training may not always be feasible in terms of geography limitations and varying schedules, but nonetheless the training is necessary and a tremendous added value. Diversity and inclusion leadership is paramount for organizational effectiveness. For these reasons, we are pleased to offer an interactive virtual training platform where individuals can train directly with Dr. White as a knowledgeable industry diversity inclusion strategist and thought-leader.

This vital video-based training prepares an individual or your entire team, from the employee level to management, to overcome challenges and support organizational goals through strategic diversity and intentional inclusion. This course consists of an introductory video, plus five modules covering specific contents area as well as a conclusion video. For a FREE test drive of this training check out the introductory video below along with course description and clips from each of the six modules.


“Thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to participate in the beta testing for the interactive virtual training program. The training is informative and will provide all participants with fundamental and foundational principles to assist with their D&I journey. No matter where an individual or company may be on their journey, the content provided will challenge you to take personal inventory of the decisions you make on a daily basis and why, as well as steps you can take to be a more inclusive leader that will help improve your business’ financial performance and results. I would highly recommend this training for every leader looking to advance their D&I knowledge and continue work around intentional inclusivity.”

Ricaye Harris, SHRM-SCP
Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, Milliken Human Resources


“As a Regional HR Business Partner for a national company that believes in continuous improvement, I often evaluate virtual training platforms, facilitators and content to bring interactive learning and development opportunities to colleagues. I highly recommend the virtual training platform offered by Dr. Nika White as a way to further leaders’ understanding of and commitment to diversity and inclusion. The content and delivery is effective in providing skills training for how to operationalize D&I into the culture of the organization. Thanks for offering a user-friendly, trackable and substantive virtual training platform that will benefit many.”

Lawanna Dendy
Regional Human Resources Business Partner, South and West, US LBM Holdings, LLC


“Many companies are looking for opportunities to share the importance of diversity, inclusion and the business case. Smaller organizations may have constraints and larger organizations may have limited access to resources that are scalable across multiple locations. Dr. Nika’s virtual trainings are interactive and introduces concepts that are not always easily understood or defined even among the most seasoned D&I professionals. Her content is bold and guides users through self-awareness to actionable impact on the journey to becoming an Intentional Inclusionist®.”

Nicole Andrews, MBA, MHRD
Manager, HR Programs, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP


Training Module Introduction and Overview

Virtual Training Course Description

Growing as an Intentional Inclusionist®: Diversity and Inclusion Leadership

Viewing diversity and inclusion as a leadership function is vital for well- functioning organizations. Years of experience have taught us that a diverse, inclusive workplace doesn’t just happen. Yet, as we look to the future, we recognize that huge demographic shifts are happening that impact society, requiring strategic diversity and intentional inclusion be practiced at every level to optimize talent and organizational performance. Learning how to become effective allies and strengthen team engagement requires operating as Intentional Inclusionists®. This journey begins with leadership and at the personal level. In this training, Dr. Nika White, the author of The Intentional Inclusionist®, shares principles for becoming an inclusion-minded leader. The training inspired by philosophies of leadership, and inclusion contains principles to help individuals become more intentional in how diversity and inclusion is understood and practiced.  Throughout the six modules, Dr. Nika White helps participants understand the essentials of intentional inclusion leadership as paramount to successful organizations and thriving communities. At the conclusion, leaders will understand the power of diversity and inclusion to elevate organizational performance and create inclusive work environment where all are respected, valued and given every opportunity to be successful. The workshop provides skills training in strategic diversity and intentional inclusion as best practices for optimal talent engagement and a cultural of respect. Participants will be empowered and equipped to build their inclusion leadership competency through knowledge transfer on topics related to the overall value and management of human difference.

Specific learning objectives include:

• Introduce frameworks to help understand value, and appreciate human differences
• Encourage a more intentional leadership approach to understanding and practicing diversity and inclusion
• Recognize implicit associations that lead to discrimination, inequity and exclusion
• Learn the personal impact of exclusion
• Learn how to become better allies of those different from us

Training Module Preview Clips

Module 1
Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

Module 2
Personal Awareness and Authentic Leadership

Module 3 (Pt. 1)
Power Of Intentionality

Module 3 (Pt. 2)
Power Of Intentionality

Module 4
Benefits Of Mindfulness

Module 5
Affinity Groups

Module 6
Why Impact Beats Activity Every Time

Benefits of this Interactive Virtual Training Platform

• Trackable to ensure completion of training
• Contains a short “test your knowledge” feature at the end of each module requiring an 80% pass rate to best ensure learning. If 80% is not achieved, the trainee must watch video again before advancing to next module.
• Can be taken anywhere access to Internet is available
• Each module is a short 8-10 minutes, but packed with substantive content and skills training that can be applied immediately
• Cost is per individual so you can budget determine cost of this training accurately


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