Next-Level Inclusionist

Transform Your Work and Yourself for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Success

For leaders experienced in fostering diversity, equity and inclusion, and others who consider this work part of their leadership journey, now is the time for new skills and ideas. Next-Level Inclusionist: Transform Your Work and Yourself for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Success explores crucial concepts and offers copious practical steps for increasing your impact.


A sought-after consultant on creating results at the intersection of business, diversity and leadership, Dr. Nika White offers a fresh take on how inclusive leadership is a pathway to improving ourselves and our organizations. Whether you lead a company, a team, or want to better manage yourself, this book will give you:


  • Clear explanations of often-overlooked foundational concepts
  • Methods for advancing from activity to impact
  • Practices for developing your mind and influencing others
  • Suggestions, checklists and examples for taking action


While the work of diversity, equity and inclusion can feel daunting and even lonely, this book offers numerous examples of challenges overcome and successes others have achieved. You’ll be reminded of the importance of what you do, and the collective impact of everyone working intentionally for a world where there’s a seat at the table for all to bring their best selves.


“In her follow-up to “The Intentional Inclusionist®,” Nika White expands her discussion about the necessary journey away from the traditional diversity training mindset. In this book, she begins to lay out some practical steps which leaders can take to recruit and leverage people of different origins and perspectives in a way that gives companies competitive advantage. This is a beginner’s guide to C-Suite leadership in the coming decades where there will no longer be such a thing as a racial majority. In my opinion, both books should be part of any leadership curriculum in today’s colleges.”

Gil Gerretsen


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