Our Vision

To create a society where all people and all organizations are intentional in their efforts and pursuit of equity, inclusion and belonging.

Our Mission

To grow Intentional Inclusionists® and make DEI practical so that organizations can shift systems in support of cultivating a culture of belonging.

Our Core Values

We combine our individual superpowers to co-create powerful solutions – for NWC and our client partners.
We actively seek opportunities to learn with and from others; no one person has all the answers.

We seek to understand first – before we assume, before we react, and before we solve.
We are lifelong learners, intentionally in search of opportunities to deepen our knowledge and grow our skillsets.

Change as a Constant
We exercise agility and flexibility in the ‘how’ of our work while staying steadfast in our ‘why.’
We anticipate, expect, and embrace change as a gateway to growth.

Continuous Improvement
We are committed to leveling up, never shying away from opportunities to reflect on and refine our work.
We see all data as opportunity; new information generates new possibilities.

Constructive Candor
We speak our truths in caring, courageous, and constructive ways.
We welcome feedback and seek and share it often.

Nika White Consulting Facts

Nika White Consulting was established in 2017 and is on a mission to grow leaders as

Intentional Inclusionists®.