Media Kit

A frequent public speaker, Dr. Nika White has provided featured keynote addresses, panel commentary and training sessions for a variety of corporate, government, and nonprofit industry associations and higher learning institutions. Dr. White’s expertise positions her to cover a span of topics including diversity, equity and inclusion, leadership and more. Dr. White approaches each opportunity individually and her speaking style is governed by the significance of getting to the crux of the matter to drive change.


Dr. White commits every engagement to teaching her audience something new. She delivers keynotes that energize, motivate, and inspire the audience long after she leaves the virtual or live stage. Dr. White has been educating professionals in all industries about leadership and strategic diversity and intentional inclusion for years. Her objective is simple ﹘ help people and organizations diagnose who they want to be, teach them game-changing practices, and challenge them to accept nothing less than excellence. Dr. White’s a scholar, she knows how to connect with people, she’s trained in curriculum and content development, she’s engaging, compelling, intentional and purposeful.