What People Are Saying…

“Thank you for that excellent presentation. We’ve gotten very good feedback. The training will be a great platform for the DEI Council to start partnering with the officers and principals to start shifting the culture – I think they will be more accepting of our efforts than they would have been.”

Training Participant
DEI Council


“I just wanted to tell you that I thought the training sessions were great!  I’m sure there are benefits to doing this live, but I feel we still got a lot out of the remote environment.  That was mostly thanks to you and your excellent facilitation!  We look forward to working with you and Anna again soon.”

Robin Carroll
Director of Administration | Robinson Gray


“Yesterday we kicked off our annual Thought Ensemble all-company meeting virtually with an incredible Diversity, Equity and Inclusion session with Dr. Nika White.


We could not have found a better facilitator. I recommend looking into Nika White Consulting if you’re shopping for a professional DEI facilitator for your team or business.”

Joseph Keys
Manager | Strategy and Technology Consultant, Thought Ensemble


“The feedback from Friday has been extremely positive.  Our lunch conversations were robust, and people felt like they walked away from our time together with some real, tangible perspectives and tools to use as we grow as intentional inclusionists.


I’m thankful for your friendship and for leading us through the session on Friday.  We continue to grow and improve as professionals and as an organization, and your leadership has helped move us further down the path of this journey.”

Mike Smith
Chief Business Officer | SEIA


“Just wanted to let you know again that we really enjoyed and appreciated the training and strategic facilitation yesterday. I was very impressed with how gracefully and engagingly you presented this challenging topic.”

Sally Boman
Communication Director | Upstate Forever


“Your training session was not only well received but helpful in helping Hoshizaki America be a better place for people to work and give their efforts. You got the team involved and challenged in their thinking which is what we hoped would help us as a group become more open minded so we can be supportive of the many kinds of people that make up US workforce. We would like to have you back to help us progress further and thank you for your contribution.”

Karen Lehto
HR Director | Hoshizaki America


“The training you did for the SWITCH board on Diversity and Inclusion was amazing. I already have received some very positive feedback from the board. Your process did a great job of getting everyone to be active participants. Some other highlights for me were:
• Provided excellent insights into the evolution of D&I thinking
• Broadened my understanding of D&I
• Gave us concrete strategies on how to begin
I would highly recommend you to any board and know that SWITCH will serve our community, staff, and volunteers better as result of working with you.”

Curtis Harper
Board Chairperson | SWITCH


“If our staff’s enthusiasm for yesterday’s workshop is any indication, you hit it out of the ball park! Thank you very much for sharing your insight, expertise, and great energy with us yesterday. I know you had a positive impact on everyone, and I look forward to implementing many of your recommendations.”

Anne Waters
Executive Director | Hub City Writers Project


“Thank you so much for the incredibly informative and inspiring Diversity & Inclusion Board training. May many more leaders in this city and beyond get an opportunity to learn from Dr. White’s insights.”

Araceli Hernández-Laroche, PhD
Assistant Department Chair | University of South Carolina Upstate


“Thank you so very much for participating in our young professionals session last week to share your insight, expertise, and advice. Thanks for helping make our YP-E3 Academy extremely informative & beneficial for our class members. I truly value your support and partnership.”

Cindy B. Hopkins, IOM
President | Greater Easley Chamber of Commerce


“Thank you, again, for giving a phenomenal D&I talk for the 2018 JLA Class in Anderson. The students gave your talk the highest marks out of all of the activities for the day! That’s great news. Keep doing what you’re doing in educating our communities about the importance of intentional inclusion.”

Laneika Musalini
JLA Advisor & Board Member | Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce


“Nika, thank you so much for speaking to our CPA’s and various professionals in our Atlanta and Greenville offices. Your presentation was engaging, thought-provoking, and also action-oriented around fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. Your in-depth knowledge and expertise in the areas of inclusion and diversity stem from your true passion for creating organizations and a world where everyone can thrive because of their differences rather than in spite of differences. Thank you for the time that you invested in delivering dynamic and impactful workshops for our teams.”

Nicole Andrews
Manager | HR Programs at Dixon Hughes Goodman


“After my first conversation with Dr. White, I was certain she understood the challenges our organization face. It was apparent that she would help us bridge the gap in moving our current D&I approach to one that had the level of rigor needed for long-term sustainability.  While I knew the event would be engaging and aid the group in developing our D&I strategy, Dr. White provided content and thoughts that will move our organization forward. Moreover, the council has a greater understanding of their role in our D&I journey. The council chairs were beyond appreciative of this learning opportunity. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!”

Cenina B. Saxton, Ed.D.
Organizational Effectiveness Consultant | Southern Nuclear – Human Resources


“It was my pleasure an honor to have you and your esteemed panel participate in the conference.  Based on feedback, the session was well received and I have heard from individuals who may be following up with you.  A sign of a good presentation is when it is referenced by subsequent presenters.  That was certainly the case yesterday. ”

Jerry Knighton
Clemson University


“Instructional, concise and balanced would describe the keynote presentation Dr. Nika White delivered at the Minorities In Business Heritage Awards Banquet. Our audience of minority business leaders, elected officials and corporate CEOs all benefited from her timely message of Intentional Inclusion.”

Samuel Knox
Executive Director  | Minorities In Business in Springfield, Missouri


“Dr. White is an extremely knowledgeable speaker.   Her perspective on intentional inclusion is a vital lesson for professionals at every level.  As well, the information she presented regarding the five critical stages that women professionals must navigate to succeed was extraordinarily informative and resonated with every audience member.  She is a very compelling presenter!”

Betsy McMillan-Hipp
GPWF Board Member


“I wanted to reach out to thank you again for serving as our guest speaker for The Greater Green: Complicated Conversations last week. I have heard amazing feedback from the program from the staff and students that were present. I am certain that you made a lasting impact on our university community, and your passion for inclusion is evident in your work.”

Doug Peters, M.Ed.
Assistant Director | Multicultural Programs
 University of SC Upstate


“We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last night about Choosing Your Path.  I knew it would be time well spent.  You certainly caused my wheels to start turning and they are still operating at top speed.   It is your passion, expertise and intentionality that is desired. Thank you again for a wonderful evening and education imparted from your heart.”

Mary Beth Lampe
HR Director
 | ReWa


“I really enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot that I will use in the future.  It is great to hear a presenter that really knows the topic and holds your interest the whole time.  That is indeed a rare quality which you possess.”

Mary Anne Medwith
Greenville Health System


“I was one of the leaders you presented to at the Self Regional Healthcare LDI on last week. First let me say, you did a fantastic job!  I was absolutely moved and inspired by the information you presented.“

Selynto Anderson
Community Prevention & Wellness Services Manager | Self Regional Healthcare


“Nika White’s leadership in delivering clear D&I direction has been extremely valuable to the Chamber and the community as a whole.”

Carlos Phillips
President and CEO | Greenville Chamber


“Dr. Nika, I just want to let you know that the Intentional Inclusionist movement and your expertise is life changing. You are truly a gate keeper for our communities & culture and I couldn’t thank you enough for the opportunities that you have provided me & others. You’re truly a blessing of God, and I don’t think there could be a better well diverse and educated person in your position. Anything that I can do to help you empower what you are already doing; considering my vision is embedded in your movement, I am all for it. Just the little time I’ve been around you and involved, you’ve helped me grow to a clearer understanding in many ways. I just want to say thank you, and I can’t wait until what you’re doing captivates this city & Ultimately the world; please continue to be a Leader, because the world needs more people like you!”

Jerry Blandin


“It was a pleasure to have Nika speak at our Regional Retreat for the Charlotte and Atlanta fundraising offices for ALSAC/St. Jude. Nika led our Diversity and Inclusion segment and provided great content and insight for the group. Within our line of work we interact with many colleagues but also engage with donors, corporations, volunteers and supporters. Nika’s presentation offered an additional perspective and allowed the group to think about diversity and inclusion in a much broader sense and how we can apply this within our jobs and everyday lives. The conversation was a great reminder that diversity is not limited to just race, sex and religion but also includes age, education level, family dynamics and much more. One takeaway the group seemed to unanimously agree on was that we should never change who we are based on the environment that we are in. I highly recommend Nika as a speaker and appreciate her for sharing her knowledge and time with our group!“

Maya G. Smith
Senior Regional Development Representative | 


“It was a pleasure to have Nika come to 3M and speak! Several people came to me and personally stated how much they enjoyed learning about the Diversity & Inclusion opportunities that the Greenville Chamber provides to the community. Nika also received accolades about being a passionate speaker, great presenter and advisor!”

MarTia L. Adams
Product Engineer | 3M


“If you are looking for someone to provide knowledge and insight into the diversity and inclusion paradigm, a person who can provide a measured yet passionate appeal to what makes D&I an imperative and not simply a luxury, Nika is the perfect choice. As the keynote for the NC Minority and Women Business Enterprise Coordinators’ Network Conference, she challenged our members to continue the work and used examples from her own experiences to demonstrate the impact of economic inclusion. Intelligent and wise, Nika is a thought-leader grounded in practicality. Her star will continue to rise.”

Denisha Harris
City of Greenville, NC

“Nika, thank you for speaking to our Women in Leadership group today. I heard so many positive comments from the mentees following the session. You gave each of us takeaways that we can utilize to improve our personal brand and incorporate into our everyday lives – personally and professionally. And, thank you for instilling confidence and courage to your fellow women professionals. I look forward to reading your book!!”

Kelly Carson
Sr. Relationship Manager | TD Bank


“It was a pleasure meeting you on Friday and hearing you to speak at our meeting.  I gained some insight that I will be using to help in my quest to bring more opportunities to DBE’s.  I have been using your phrase about mentors adding value to others.  My mentor was sitting beside me, so I was able to thank her for adding value to me.”

Benny F. Sloan, Jr.
North Carolina Department of Transportation


“Phenomenal job selecting the speaker. She was awesome and the agenda pushed people to talk about topics that are normally off the table to discuss.  She pushed most of us out of our comfort zone and ensured we spoke about important items in a “safe” environment.”

Latondra Bennett
Employee Resource Manager | GE


“THANK YOU for your presentation last year during our SCPRSA breakfast at Jackson Marketing. We received tremendous feedback from the membership and would love you join us again for a 2.0 version of your presentation.”

Bobby Rettew
Public Relations Society of America | Greenville Chapter


“Your presentation was relevant, informative and dynamic (according to many attendees). Thank you for taking time to speak to the group. Your presentation was well received by all, and matched my vision perfectly.”

Les Echols
Community and Minority Enterprise Director | Greater Florence Chamber of Commerce


“Nika White is a prolific speaker that will capture your attention, inform your mind, and give you a strategy to help you or your business tackle tough issues. She was the Keynote Speaker for the African American Elected Official’s Prayer Breakfast and addressed the audience and politicians with facts, figures, information, inspiration, and ideas for collaboration. I’m happy to know her and excited for her future.”

Rev. Sean Dogan
Pastor | Long Branch Baptist Church in Greenville


“Nika presented “Navigating Your Career Towards Leadership” at the Junior League of Greenville’s Leadership Education & Development (LEAD) monthly speaker series, and this was her second presentation to our group because we received such positive feedback after her first presentation. Using a combination of personal experiences, antidotes of peers, research, and statistics, her presentation was highly engaging and informative. Nika is an energetic and personable speaker, and she left the audience feeling inspired! I highly recommend her as a speaker.”

Whitney Howell Hanna
Junior League


“Long before we met, I observed you as a woman of great excellence and poise. I must say, that after a personal encounter with you I was grateful to be connected to you. Thank you for your words of wisdom yesterday. You impacted us greatly. Your words to us were intentionally chosen and they were potent. You are a powerful voice. I honor you this day as a Woman of Greatness.”

Alfreda Coleman
 | Genuinely Zoe


“Nika White delivered such an inspirational speech! God has granted her the ability to speak on behalf of others while creating change. Nika is a ground shaker and role model.”

Elvia Pacheco Flores
 | Latinos United


“We were honored and thrilled to have Nika White speak to our Downtown Greenville Rotaract group.  She presented important diversity information in a professional manner while still keeping the atmosphere relaxed enough for dialogue between the meeting’s attendees and herself.  Mrs. White customized her presentation to be relevant to the audience, to stay within the timeline and to be beneficial to all.”

Dylan Petrick


“The ladies of Lockheed Martin’s Women’s Enrichment Network (EWN) were honored to fulfill our obligation on March 26, 2015 of promoting professional development and advancement of women in the workplace through a lunch and learn with a dynamic speaker, Nika White, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce.
Her message was centered around being comfortable in your own skin and being your own advocate. To be able to do this you need a lot of self-confidence, and thus the ability to ask for what you want in your career. One way to get to this point is to take on responsibility for the next role you want to move into by having an advocate and/or sponsor. You should seek out a mentor by having a defined relationship, and set up goals for the mentoring relationship. You need to share your failures with your mentor to help you grow. You need to take risks and own your own value.
One piece of advice that really stuck with me is when she shared to consider applying for career positions for interview opportunities. This will help develop that area of your career whether you get the job or not. This can be applied to internal and external career opportunities. Life lessons that women can take to heart!”

Valerie Chatman
Women’s Enrichment Network (WEN) | Lockheed Martin


“Nika is the type of person, who you not only want on your team, but as the leader of your team. With her great people skills, Nika is going to make things happen. She is the consummate professional, who knows what she wants and while she leads her team, she does so with kindness. She is an outstanding communicator, who is kind, caring and thoughtful.
Nika has worked in the advertising/marketing industry for a number of years and has acquired critical skills in strategic thinking and planning. This experience, coupled with her personal qualities of creativity, initiative, and management skills, makes for a trustworthy, polished professional with whom I would feel totally comfortable in entrusting my dollars and my business.”

Julie Horton
City of Greenville, SC


“Nika, as Chair of Greenville Rotary Club’s Diversity Membership project, composed and led a team during its initial formation year. Nika supported the team as they created a strategy for engaging our club in this membership activity. Through her leadership, she was able to keep the team on track and focused, which led to a level of trust and accountability that was acknowledged by the Board of Directors through their full endorsement of her team’s recommendations.”

Dianne Clarke-Kudless
Greenville Rotary Club


“Nika brings a high degree of focus and an air of excellence to anything in which she’s involved. She certainly comes highly recommended.”

Wendell Jones
 | Wendell Jones Leadership Institute


“When I envisioned our Furman University women’s basketball “Life After Basketball” program, an event that enhances our student-athletes’ networking and interviewing skills, I knew I wanted to aim at securing Greenville’s top CEOs, business, and civic leaders to speak. I wanted a cast of leaders that our ladies could admire and receive trusted advice and guidance. During my search, Nika’s name constantly emerged as an outstanding speaker and civic leader in the Greenville community. She was everything I envisioned and more. She equipped our ladies with knowledge, tips, and sound advice on how to be successful during interviews and networking events. Following the event, she continued to suggest and encourage additional events and resources that would further enrich our ladies. I would highly suggest Nika to anyone who seeks a dynamic speaker that can touch and teach any audience she encounters.”

Jackie Carson
Head Women’s Basketball Coach | Furman University


“Nika White is a consummate professional! Her dynamic presentation style and authenticity offered the audience of our “Connection’s Women Leaders of the Upstate at Furman University” the opportunity to learn from her expert knowledge on Leadership Diversity and how to apply real world solutions daily in their corporate roles. Nika’s passion for education and her sincere desire to help others engages her audience and create such a positive environment for everyone involved. Nika, we look forward to your next powerful presentation!”

Victoria Kirby
Director at the Center for Corporate and Professional Development | Furman University


“Nika’s message underscored our transition from traditional reflections to a more contemporary, action-oriented service. It was impactful with practical applications and resonated across our multigenerational congregation. Most of all, we are thankful that Nika brought a message of hope with important steps that could lead to immediate change for those who want more than an emotion-filled experience! Thank you!”

Stacey D. Mills
Senior Pastor | 
Mountain View Baptist Church in Greenville, SC


“Nika White recently spoke with LeadHER Greenville, a group of young, professional women whose mission is to empower its members through leadership development and service to the community.
Nika, a dynamic and powerful speaker, was a perfect choice for our group. She delivers her presentations in a way that literally makes her listeners lean in so as to not miss a word. Her conversation with us was both engaging and personable, striking the perfect balance between a professional presentation and a conversation with a trusted colleague.
LeadHER Greenville looks forward to an opportunity to have Nika back to speak with us again, as we know she will share new and inspiring thoughts.”

Jessica Sharp
2014-2015 President | LeadHER Greenville


“Nika, I want to thank you again for coming to speak at the USC Women’s Celebration Gala. You offered such an amazing outlook. I believe you are everyone’s mentor in their heads now!”

Nishikwa Mellerson
Founder | 
Modern Day Queens